Full Dentures

Island Dental provide you with exceptionally natural, aesthetic, and individualized teeth for the best in cosmetics and function. We work with you to design custom dentures that can help restore you natural beautiful smile. The better the dentures the more natural and lifelike they appear. We strive to make your dentures appear more natural because they are designed and handcrafted especially to compliment your personality gender, ethnicity and physical appearance.

Removable partial dentures (RPD)


An acrylic partial denture is recommended as a good option especially if your remaining natural teeth have a poor prognosis but do not warrant extracting them all at once. With each natural tooth extraction, an artificial one can easily be incorporated into your existing RPD at a very reasonable cost.

Chrome framework

The teeth and “gums” used in a chrome denture are no different from those used in acrylic dentures. However, chrome, being much stronger than acrylic, allows a slimmer and sleeker design of the denture base. Not only can the base be thinner, it can also cover a smaller area of the mouth. Higher accuracy also provides a better fit. It’s not surprising that in most cases, chrome dentures are superior to their acrylic equivalents. Apart from its precision fit it interferes less with senses such as taste, and hot cold sensitivity.

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture that is fitted immediately after having teeth extracted. It is often a stop-gap solution, as your gums need time to heal before a permanent denture is fitted. To prevent the embarrassment of missing teeth during this time, an immediate denture is an answer. You’ll be able to eat and speak as normal while your gums heal, and you’ll get used to wearing a denture.

An immediate denture requires planning. Before we extract your teeth, we’ll take a series of impressions to determine the precise shade, size and shape of your teeth. We’ll make your denture in time for your appointment so you can wear it as soon as you’ve had your extractions.