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At Island Dental we believe in the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”.  We also understand that dental treatments are less expensive if they are attended to earlier than later. Hence we encourage our patients to attend more regularly for dental examination and prophylaxis. Our dentists can advise you tooth brushing techniques and diet that may affect oral health. Our surgeries are fitted with low radiation digital X-rays to diagnose cavities in very early stages of development. We also provide preventative resin restorations and fissure sealants when indicated.

In a comprehensive dental exam we will be examining not only the teeth but also the soft tissues in the mouth to see if there is any abnormalities. The dental exam itself is a form of prevention, as the purpose of the appointment is to detect the potential for dental decay, both during the oral exam and upon reading any dental images (x-rays) taken. Once the exam is done, the dentist can then recommend that the patient have his or her teeth cleaned, which is helpful in the prevention of cavities and gum disease. Regular preventive dental care may avoid the need for any unexpected emergency dental appointments.